About Us

EarthLinx began as Tosha Trading over 7 years ago.  What started out as a hobby became a passion and is now a thriving business supplying Bokashi Bran to the leader in food waste recycling systems.
We pride ourselves on providing only the best quality products to our customers. Through the use of Bokashi, one can reduce their environmental impact just by recycling organic kitchen waste and turn  them into something useful to improve your soil quality, garden, and home grown foods.
Our main product is our Bokashi, which is a wheat bran brewed with a combination of naturally occurring beneficial bacteria, yeasts and fungi. During the brewing process the wheat bran is inoculated with these beneficial micro-organisms. When added to food-waste in an anaerobic digester the microbes work in symbiosis to ferment the waste thus stabilising it – preventing rotting – and ridding it of pathogens.
Unlike conventional composting (which can take up to a year, is far more complictaed, and you are unable to compost meats, dairy, fat products), Bokashi Bran processes all home generated organic wastes through an anaerobic fermentation process that is cleaner, safer, higher in bioavailable nutrients to the plants, creates a more robust/bioactive/disease supressive soil, and all in a fraction of the time – all year long